19 tips for increase my Google AdSense revenue?

Generally, I do not like Google AdSense, but I really need AdSense to easily earn money from micro-niche sites. So one of the questions I asked was “How to earn money from Google AdSense”.

google adsense tips
google adsense tips


1. Block advertisers’ channels at low prices.
In AdSense publishers, payments account for about 75% of total revenue. Some advertisers use fewer keywords. Therefore, the display of advertising advertisers will lead to a decrease in Google’s revenue.
To fix this, you need to block advertisers. You can block more than 500 cheap AdSense sites:

Note. And one more thing. If you test Amazon products and display AdSense ads on your own website, don’t show Adsense ads on adzon.com. The same applies to other partner networks, such as hosting, domains.
If you don’t block these ads, you will lose $1 in pennies.
under these circumstances

2. Block the category of low wages.
On the website, there are paid categories, such as news, gossip, movies, etc.
A complete list of low-cost categories and high-value categories is as follows.

Clothes, beauty, personal care, restaurants, food, home, loading, etc.

Go to “Allow and block sites”, don’t go to “General categories” and block all categories at low speed.

3. Use ads on foldable parts.
In other words, this means displaying an ad in the first visible part (title) of the site. This will increase your ad impressions, and AdSense will pay approximately $2 for 1000 views. Collapsed top ads will also increase the clicks and viewability of your ads.

4. Use page tag ads.
This is a new feature introduced by Google AdSense in 2016. With this type of ad, publishers can show ads at the bottom of the page.

If your traffic is large, this will definitely increase your AdSense review.

5. Use text and images for advertising.
Mixing text and images in the AdSense widget is great.

6. Create an ad similar to your theme.
This means that if your link is blue, your AdSense link should also be blue. The number of clicks on your ad will increase. More clicks mean more revenue.

7. Ask the reader about the whitelist of your site from the ad unit.

This will increase your income by 30%. There are many websites that do not allow ad blocking. To read your content, you need their whitelist.

8. Display content-related ads to increase click speed.
It’s as simple as the title. If you have a blog about sports, you need to show sports-related ads. The best example is Cricbuzz: (Cricbuzz is a website with cricket scores, mainly Dream 11, fantasy cricket we show ads on the site)

9. Use responsive advertising.
This is the last feature of AdSense. Now you don’t have to think about ad units. In a responsive ad unit, the ad size automatically changes each user’s device.

10. Do not use headlines such as “Ads” or “Ads” in the AdSense widget.
This can reduce the number of clicks on your ad.

11. Use multiple ad units.
Google now has an unlimited number of three ad rules on the page. You can use as many ads as you want. This will increase advertising revenue to 25%.

12. Divide long objects into 2-3 pages.

This will increase both page views and AdSense revenue.
On all AdSense sites, if you visit buzzfeed, Huffington posts, wittyfeed, you can notice this.

To break the long article on the page, you can use a plugin similar to tinymce advacned.

13. Use themes and AdSense plugins.

AdSense has many plugins and themes. Optimize your website or AdSense theme

14. Do not use the free plugin.

Many people show their ads on their websites.

15. I will conduct an A/B test.

We’ll show you what works for your site and what doesn’t.

16. Link AdSense to Google Analytics.
This will show how the page is monetized.

17. Place the image directly below the image.

How to increase your Google AdSense revenue

As the image gets the most impression, the ad will leave the most impressive impression.

18. Attract visitors from the US, Canada, Australia and Singapore.

Compared to other countries, AdSense pays more for these countries.
AdSense watches from these countries have approximately $10 views. These countries are known as Tier 1 countries, and traffic from these countries is called “advanced traffic”.
If your site is an English site, you can get traffic from the U.S. and other countries.

19. Use a static AdSense widget.
This is a black hat, as I mentioned above, but we still use this technology on many websites. Increase your clickthrough rate and show ads.
Using these methods, the income will be very fast

12 Tips for Email Marketing

see below list of 12 e-mail good practices for enhancing conversions and sales for your business.

email marketing tips
email marketing tips

I prepared a discussion conference for two weeks and prepared one of the sessions leading the e-marketing expert group.

I would like to share 12 tips for improving your email marketing so that you can increase your sales for your business.

1. Give your list to protect it. connect to it. I have seen that many simple companies do not effectively collect names and e – mails, or that they do not aggravate without sending e – mails. (See explanation 12 below).

2. Start compiling / compiling your list today. Organize your list This means that I need a suitable platform leading to Tip 3.

3. Select your mail platform. There is a cost to replace the platform with some maintenance cost. Choose wisely. Our clients and business consultants use everything from Mail Chimp to permanent contacts to Infusionsoft or Hubspot.

4. Check and find the most effective e-mail format (eg long, short, html etc).

5. Make mobile phone / small screen easier to use. In other words, before exporting, you need to check your email on a small screen.

6. Test your message before sending it to the browser, and many readers have a reliable checklist to study something like the following. Have you customized the landing page and tested it? Orthography and grammar? If there is an answer, is your channel filling in works so that you can understand it correctly?

7. Check the second letter. If this is not possible, avoid e-mail within 1 hour and return to the new view.

8. If you are working with a new or new e-mail element or component, you can start with a subset of the list (such as e-mail, Gmail, or e-mail) to verify that there are no problems with sending or formatting To do. This trick will deprive you a lot of heart. There is an e-mail to go out to 100,000 people to take a cool break. Because eating only our own dish tips will solve it.

9. Invest in your topics. This is the first line of your letter. Avoid tricks and tricks. They can only work once. However brand and brand deterioration. In fact, testing the A / B topic line is straightforward. (Just split your list into two categories, track click-through rates, convert landing pages based on speed / subjects A and B, all the other sections of e-mail. Just purchase another heading You can use e-mail to create better script sales for.) You can also use it in offline marketing sites or real sales scenarios.

10. Please send me your first e-mail now The biggest mistake in e-mail is that the customer is waiting for the e-mail to be “perfect”. Do not wait until there is enough “email” on your list.

11. Your e-mail failure to wake up on your watch has declined like an unsustainable lawsuit. Please send e-mail as soon as possible to reset your watch. You want to remember who you are and why you are reading your message.

12. Make the capital of the emails Important ideas, impressive stories, special offers, or may have relationships with your business or your audience. Are you telling your time yourself to your customers and customers? What are they interested in? How do you experience your life? This is the core of your mail delivery.


7 websites to sell your photos on internet

If you have some high quality images that people think can be paid, there are some well-known websites that can turn this photo into cash.

For professional photographers who have many websites that can sell the best pictures, this may be a good way to diversify their income. Beginners with a small amount of skills can get cash in an exciting way.

The next 12 sites were selected to offer high royalty rates, popularity or just other sites. Everyone can provide an extra source of income for people with good shots.

sell photos on internet

To add other sites to this list, please display a link in the comments at the end of this article.

1. Alamy Photo Agency

Alamy sells more than 60,000 images and videos on the site. This is because I paid 50% of the royalty for each picture taken to the photographer. On this site, photographers can sell their photos elsewhere (no exclusive rights required).

This Alamy is the world’s largest securities market, and many monthly visitors will appear and become potential customers of your photos.

2. Shutterstock

Since the launch of Shutterstock, it has paid more than $350 million to depositors. Upload photos to the market to maintain copyright, you can get up to 30% of the image sales price based on the size of the image. The current payment is $0.25 to $28 per promotion.

3. IStock Photo

iStock Photo is a great place for those who start selling pictures in the warehouse. Help us understand the world of photography sales by using his popular forums and data to find foot.

In the case of downloads, iStock Photo’s standard royalty payout rate is 15%, but depending on the popularity of the photo, it can be increased by up to 45%. If you purchase a photo using one of the “credits” ordered by the customer, the royalty rate is essentially 15%.

If you are going to sell photos using only iStock Photo, thank you for paying 22-45%. If you notify the company within 30 days, you can cancel this exclusive contract.

4. PhotoShelter

If you sell these photos through the website, you want to sell photos PhotoShelter is a great tool. The core can be integrated into almost any website on a picture-oriented e-commerce platform. Here we include photo cloud storage, an intuitive interface, decent SEO (search engine optimization) and multiple social networks.

The advantage of this option is that you have full control over how the image is displayed, and you can get more than the sale price without displaying your competitor’s photo. Other similar alternatives are Fotomoto and Pixpa.

5. Fotolia

Adobe Fotolia is a beautiful website that offers 20-46% royalties to more than 40,000 customers. Unlike many other websites that you are waiting for to reach the threshold, this royalty will be deposited into your account or paid every 30 days.

The site has been in use for more than 10 years and currently contains more than 45 million images. Recently, it has been integrated into several Adobe packages, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more. In other words, uploading photos to Fotolia adds Adobe Stock, so people can buy photos directly from these apps.

6. PhotoMoolah

If you need additional ways to sell your photos, try using PhotoMoolah. This is a website that can send relevant photos to various competitions. If your photo is selected as the winner, you will be paid and your rights will be retained. The site has not yet gained widespread popularity, which means that beginner photographers have fewer competitors.

To give a few examples, there is a competition to look for pictures of the current “Outdoor Australian and European Children” offering a $200 bonus. The other is to look for “Singapore’s unique self photo”, but you can win $200. The premium reaches $500, but most are known to reach $100 to $200.

7. SmugMug

The SmugMug’Pro’ package is the PhotoShelter option. With this platform, you can demonstrate customizable display cases and manage orders.

The main function is that you can provide fingerprints, books, and photo cards in the SimplyMug Lab. It has the following additional features.

16 ways to earn money on internet with paid website and writing free

How many articles about making money on the Internet? Thousands? Millions? Right? May be. But there is a problem. Too many sales recommendations to convince others to subscribe to any seminars, webinars, training courses or on internet millionaires.

They do have bad names in on internet money. But you can make money on internet. I mean, people selling all these millionaires make money?

There is a legitimate way of making money on the Internet. The problem is that the real way to make money does not have to be rich.

earn money on internet
earn money on internet

Many of them need a lot of work, and sometimes a lot of dedication, before they lose time. But if you want to make money on internet and work at home or change your idea into a business, you can. If you do not always want to explore your computer, you can make money in your application.

I will tell you all sorts of legitimate ways of making money on the Internet. Since we are talking about legal matters, you must be legal. Many of these options are real work, and if you want to receive money, you must be in a few hours. They also need real work. Here are some tips for completing your work.

Take it seriously. Yes, I apply for an on internet job. Yes, it can be done in underwear, but that does not mean that this is not real work. You need to be treated like this. Otherwise they will not treat you as a serious candidate. You are not the only person who wears underwear. In fact, on internet competition can be more competitive than competition at the local level.
Become an expert. When sending a CV, do not enter all uppercase letters. Do not use capital letters like ulcers. Know how to use it without disconnecting it. Write the complete sentence with the correct grammar. Of course, there may be exceptions, but they must remain experts, even if there are exceptions. You have your own thoughts.
Please do not provide everything, but only parts. Be sure to give enough examples to think about whether you offer a sample, a photoportfolio or a link to your work, but do not know where to start. When we talk about this subject, give them background information, but do not tell your life story.
Please double check carefully before double destruction. Check everything that you send to your company, including your resume, email or portfolio. Check the grammar and phrases carefully and use spelling for God! This is especially important for company names. Be careful not to enter the wrong name (for example, Problogger, not Pro Blogger).
Here are 35 ways to make money on the Internet (there are unique tips for each one to work).

Paid Website

We will continue to move. There are many websites that you can pay for, such as shopping, participating in surveys, or testing products. No, I did not get one of these advertising costs, no, this site will not give you millionaires, but they are very suitable for getting extra money. I will refuse fraud.

Here is a paid legitimate website(see list below)

1. Swagbucks – Swagbucks are good for getting extra money. From research to using search engines, you can make money. You will not be rich, but you will earn money. If you have time to kill, you can spend extra money, rather than surfing the Internet.

2. InboxDollars – InboxDollars is similar to Swagbucks, because if you want to maximize profits, store, etc., so you can register two sites. They also provide you with a search engine, such as Swagbucks, which pays you, and you just sign up to get $ 5. I will not continue listing another survey site one by one, but if you want to receive money, you can also look at GlobalTestMarket, E-Surveys Survey and Survey Clubs.

3. The date of payment for the project

– Payday is one of the sites with recommendations for people earning thousands of dollars, getting paid trials. I’m not saying that you are making thousands, but it’s legal, and you can earn some money. They think that by paying you a free trial, they may want to buy a product, buy it, forget the lawsuit and charge a fee. If you can track and cancel before charging (if you do not want the product), this is a good website to make money.

4. User test. A user test pays $ 10 for a test site. The test usually takes about 15-20 minutes. The goal of the site owner is to see people who are not familiar with their site and go to this site. The website owner sees the actual user experience and gets one ton of the cost, but $ 10 is not a bad cost.

5. Fiverr. If people want the service you want, Fiverr is a great place to spend just a few dollars or a few dollars. In general, everything will cost 5 dollars, pay 5 dollars or pay 5 dollars. They are called “programs”, but you can provide the service you want. If you sell art, you should sell it for $ 5. If you are a graphic designer, show 30 minutes to get $ 10 an hour. If you need 2 hour graphic design, you can pay 20 or 10 USD per hour when buying 4 gigs.

6. IZEA, in addition to self-employed IZEA blogs Get paid for blogs, photos and videos. The salary depends on the following criteria. So if you want to make money on tweets, you should pay attention to Twitter. Likewise, if you want to make money on blogging, you need to have a lot of blog traffic. (For more information on the blog below)

Writing free

writing blog
writing blog

Free translators are one of the most popular ways to make money on the internet. Many successful freelancers earn an average of 50 cents per word. Some people earn twice as much!

Of course this does not start. You need to create a portfolio and work on it. If you are interested in writing, you probably know this. If you are not interested in writing, you should not walk this street.

It takes dedication and time. If it is your favorite, it will be very useful. If you think you like it, talk about how to make money with it.

Before contacting you, any independent consulting firm will need a website. I want to blog (Not surprising for my blogger)

Or you can have an on internet port only, even if your LinkedIn profile starts. When you’re ready to start working, you’ll be able to write faster and more reliable with over 150 materials.

If it is a threat, start with these 50 sources.

Now for everything you’ve been waiting for. When you’re ready to start making money, you can start with 10 sites(see list below)

7. Listverse – Listverse pays $ 100 for each record received. The article should be a lengthy list of words that should have at least 1500 words and contain at least ten words. In addition, you can create a lot.

8.TopTenz – TopTenz paid 50 Baht for each accepted post. Another article should be in the form of a list of at least 1500 words, with some exceptions. They are often excluded and therefore can be taken.

9. List Apart – List Apart will pay $ 200 for each record received. Since they tend to publish fewer articles. This means lower awareness. The same as above, not less than 1500 symbols.

10. International Life – International Life pays US $ 75 for each email received. Mostly they are looking for a trip in the country they visit. Site has more experience writing skills.

11. Writing Funds – Each approved post pays authors $ 50. They are looking for articles about writing and making money. They only accept articles between 500-600 words, but you want to count the number of words each word.

12. Uxbooth – Uxbooth pays $ 100 for each approved position. Do not think it’s a quick bag, as it usually takes four to eight weeks to receive and publish an article. Pairing with editors to publish incredible content takes a long time.

13. iWriter – iWriter pays up to $ 15 for each accepted post, may look small but not as strict as many others above and you can specify what you are writing. You can write as many articles as you want.

14. Textbroker If you are a five-star writer, pay up to 5 cents per word. A good idea is to submit a short essay and start with a three-star artist. But you can open the way by writing more content and writing great content.

Matador Network Matador Network can pay up to $ 60 for each approved post. However, standard salaries will be around $ 20 to $ 25, in fact they will not focus on the smallest words, but with up to 1500 words.

16. Penny Header – Penny Header pays up to $ 800 (seldom) according to page views received. Since browsing the $ 50,000 web pages, this is not a guaranteed payout file. But it can be very useful.

No doubt you can earn freelancers if you start studying portfolios and writing skills. You can earn a lot of money. If you are not an experienced writer, make sure you take some time before you start seeing dough.


Get rich on internet today

It’s true – you can make money on internet, with your computer, in the comfort of your own home. With dedication and tenacity that you bring to your day job, you can Play-It-Rich with affiliate marketing. Through various techniques – on internet marketing, search engine optimization and on internet ads – we train subscribers with a wealth of on internet support forums and knowledge base to guide you into becoming an on internet marketing expert.

get rich on internet
get rich on internet

How to become wealthy without money in the young age

1. Set your goal.: You need to know what you want to achieve at all ages For example you can say that you want to own a business chain by age 30, to achieve Into

2. Look for a mentor You should succeed and look for someone who can have a very strong influence on you This can be wealthy and can teach you some things about maintaining it It is people.

3. Change your friends – There is a popular word that “show your friends and tell me who you are” cars, money, youthful things like sex and music Only interest, it is probably you are having the same dreams and aspirations with you, or those who have something that wants something at least similar to you, you are about to end …

4. Do not forget that you are very short in life, many of the young people are being done Now start to pursue wealth begins until your twenties or thirties: Do not be afraid to remember what it is not too young for. Do you have a young person about 16 years old can build wealth for themselves

5. Dispense Disdisters Disdisk Disdis This Disney Disfisdis Peg Your Business

6. Save, save, save:. You need to have a great frustration in saving. Make sure you are falling in love with the habit of sitting aside from your income on a regular basis

7. Reduce debts-: Do not borrow or do not make huge unrelated expenses with credit cards You should also make sure that this will help you build your debts at all times There is a need to respect and it is necessary to bear debt only when it is really necessary … Reliable and it is not difficult to obtain business loans and financing whenever you need it

8. Wealth is not a lazy – Wealth is not really a lazy friend You work hard, you must be ready to work wisely

9. Love what you are doing: You must ensure that yourself is engaged in the business and activities you love to avoid frustration and dissatisfaction that you disappoint

10. Give -: I believe that the donor is never missing, it is the structure of the universe, touching life, you will be blessed