7 websites to sell your photos on internet

If you have some high quality images that people think can be paid, there are some well-known websites that can turn this photo into cash.

For professional photographers who have many websites that can sell the best pictures, this may be a good way to diversify their income. Beginners with a small amount of skills can get cash in an exciting way.

The next 12 sites were selected to offer high royalty rates, popularity or just other sites. Everyone can provide an extra source of income for people with good shots.

sell photos on internet

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1. Alamy Photo Agency

Alamy sells more than 60,000 images and videos on the site. This is because I paid 50% of the royalty for each picture taken to the photographer. On this site, photographers can sell their photos elsewhere (no exclusive rights required).

This Alamy is the world’s largest securities market, and many monthly visitors will appear and become potential customers of your photos.

2. Shutterstock

Since the launch of Shutterstock, it has paid more than $350 million to depositors. Upload photos to the market to maintain copyright, you can get up to 30% of the image sales price based on the size of the image. The current payment is $0.25 to $28 per promotion.

3. IStock Photo

iStock Photo is a great place for those who start selling pictures in the warehouse. Help us understand the world of photography sales by using his popular forums and data to find foot.

In the case of downloads, iStock Photo’s standard royalty payout rate is 15%, but depending on the popularity of the photo, it can be increased by up to 45%. If you purchase a photo using one of the “credits” ordered by the customer, the royalty rate is essentially 15%.

If you are going to sell photos using only iStock Photo, thank you for paying 22-45%. If you notify the company within 30 days, you can cancel this exclusive contract.

4. PhotoShelter

If you sell these photos through the website, you want to sell photos PhotoShelter is a great tool. The core can be integrated into almost any website on a picture-oriented e-commerce platform. Here we include photo cloud storage, an intuitive interface, decent SEO (search engine optimization) and multiple social networks.

The advantage of this option is that you have full control over how the image is displayed, and you can get more than the sale price without displaying your competitor’s photo. Other similar alternatives are Fotomoto and Pixpa.

5. Fotolia

Adobe Fotolia is a beautiful website that offers 20-46% royalties to more than 40,000 customers. Unlike many other websites that you are waiting for to reach the threshold, this royalty will be deposited into your account or paid every 30 days.

The site has been in use for more than 10 years and currently contains more than 45 million images. Recently, it has been integrated into several Adobe packages, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more. In other words, uploading photos to Fotolia adds Adobe Stock, so people can buy photos directly from these apps.

6. PhotoMoolah

If you need additional ways to sell your photos, try using PhotoMoolah. This is a website that can send relevant photos to various competitions. If your photo is selected as the winner, you will be paid and your rights will be retained. The site has not yet gained widespread popularity, which means that beginner photographers have fewer competitors.

To give a few examples, there is a competition to look for pictures of the current “Outdoor Australian and European Children” offering a $200 bonus. The other is to look for “Singapore’s unique self photo”, but you can win $200. The premium reaches $500, but most are known to reach $100 to $200.

7. SmugMug

The SmugMug’Pro’ package is the PhotoShelter option. With this platform, you can demonstrate customizable display cases and manage orders.

The main function is that you can provide fingerprints, books, and photo cards in the SimplyMug Lab. It has the following additional features.

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