19 tips for increase my Google AdSense revenue?

Generally, I do not like Google AdSense, but I really need AdSense to easily earn money from micro-niche sites. So one of the questions I asked was “How to earn money from Google AdSense”.

google adsense tips
google adsense tips


1. Block advertisers’ channels at low prices.
In AdSense publishers, payments account for about 75% of total revenue. Some advertisers use fewer keywords. Therefore, the display of advertising advertisers will lead to a decrease in Google’s revenue.
To fix this, you need to block advertisers. You can block more than 500 cheap AdSense sites:

Note. And one more thing. If you test Amazon products and display AdSense ads on your own website, don’t show Adsense ads on adzon.com. The same applies to other partner networks, such as hosting, domains.
If you don’t block these ads, you will lose $1 in pennies.
under these circumstances

2. Block the category of low wages.
On the website, there are paid categories, such as news, gossip, movies, etc.
A complete list of low-cost categories and high-value categories is as follows.

Clothes, beauty, personal care, restaurants, food, home, loading, etc.

Go to “Allow and block sites”, don’t go to “General categories” and block all categories at low speed.

3. Use ads on foldable parts.
In other words, this means displaying an ad in the first visible part (title) of the site. This will increase your ad impressions, and AdSense will pay approximately $2 for 1000 views. Collapsed top ads will also increase the clicks and viewability of your ads.

4. Use page tag ads.
This is a new feature introduced by Google AdSense in 2016. With this type of ad, publishers can show ads at the bottom of the page.

If your traffic is large, this will definitely increase your AdSense review.

5. Use text and images for advertising.
Mixing text and images in the AdSense widget is great.

6. Create an ad similar to your theme.
This means that if your link is blue, your AdSense link should also be blue. The number of clicks on your ad will increase. More clicks mean more revenue.

7. Ask the reader about the whitelist of your site from the ad unit.

This will increase your income by 30%. There are many websites that do not allow ad blocking. To read your content, you need their whitelist.

8. Display content-related ads to increase click speed.
It’s as simple as the title. If you have a blog about sports, you need to show sports-related ads. The best example is Cricbuzz: (Cricbuzz is a website with cricket scores, mainly Dream 11, fantasy cricket we show ads on the site)

9. Use responsive advertising.
This is the last feature of AdSense. Now you don’t have to think about ad units. In a responsive ad unit, the ad size automatically changes each user’s device.

10. Do not use headlines such as “Ads” or “Ads” in the AdSense widget.
This can reduce the number of clicks on your ad.

11. Use multiple ad units.
Google now has an unlimited number of three ad rules on the page. You can use as many ads as you want. This will increase advertising revenue to 25%.

12. Divide long objects into 2-3 pages.

This will increase both page views and AdSense revenue.
On all AdSense sites, if you visit buzzfeed, Huffington posts, wittyfeed, you can notice this.

To break the long article on the page, you can use a plugin similar to tinymce advacned.

13. Use themes and AdSense plugins.

AdSense has many plugins and themes. Optimize your website or AdSense theme

14. Do not use the free plugin.

Many people show their ads on their websites.

15. I will conduct an A/B test.

We’ll show you what works for your site and what doesn’t.

16. Link AdSense to Google Analytics.
This will show how the page is monetized.

17. Place the image directly below the image.

How to increase your Google AdSense revenue

As the image gets the most impression, the ad will leave the most impressive impression.

18. Attract visitors from the US, Canada, Australia and Singapore.

Compared to other countries, AdSense pays more for these countries.
AdSense watches from these countries have approximately $10 views. These countries are known as Tier 1 countries, and traffic from these countries is called “advanced traffic”.
If your site is an English site, you can get traffic from the U.S. and other countries.

19. Use a static AdSense widget.
This is a black hat, as I mentioned above, but we still use this technology on many websites. Increase your clickthrough rate and show ads.
Using these methods, the income will be very fast

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