12 Tips for Email Marketing

see below list of 12 e-mail good practices for enhancing conversions and sales for your business.

email marketing tips
email marketing tips

I prepared a discussion conference for two weeks and prepared one of the sessions leading the e-marketing expert group.

I would like to share 12 tips for improving your email marketing so that you can increase your sales for your business.

1. Give your list to protect it. connect to it. I have seen that many simple companies do not effectively collect names and e – mails, or that they do not aggravate without sending e – mails. (See explanation 12 below).

2. Start compiling / compiling your list today. Organize your list This means that I need a suitable platform leading to Tip 3.

3. Select your mail platform. There is a cost to replace the platform with some maintenance cost. Choose wisely. Our clients and business consultants use everything from Mail Chimp to permanent contacts to Infusionsoft or Hubspot.

4. Check and find the most effective e-mail format (eg long, short, html etc).

5. Make mobile phone / small screen easier to use. In other words, before exporting, you need to check your email on a small screen.

6. Test your message before sending it to the browser, and many readers have a reliable checklist to study something like the following. Have you customized the landing page and tested it? Orthography and grammar? If there is an answer, is your channel filling in works so that you can understand it correctly?

7. Check the second letter. If this is not possible, avoid e-mail within 1 hour and return to the new view.

8. If you are working with a new or new e-mail element or component, you can start with a subset of the list (such as e-mail, Gmail, or e-mail) to verify that there are no problems with sending or formatting To do. This trick will deprive you a lot of heart. There is an e-mail to go out to 100,000 people to take a cool break. Because eating only our own dish tips will solve it.

9. Invest in your topics. This is the first line of your letter. Avoid tricks and tricks. They can only work once. However brand and brand deterioration. In fact, testing the A / B topic line is straightforward. (Just split your list into two categories, track click-through rates, convert landing pages based on speed / subjects A and B, all the other sections of e-mail. Just purchase another heading You can use e-mail to create better script sales for.) You can also use it in offline marketing sites or real sales scenarios.

10. Please send me your first e-mail now┬áThe biggest mistake in e-mail is that the customer is waiting for the e-mail to be “perfect”. Do not wait until there is enough “email” on your list.

11. Your e-mail failure to wake up on your watch has declined like an unsustainable lawsuit. Please send e-mail as soon as possible to reset your watch. You want to remember who you are and why you are reading your message.

12. Make the capital of the emails Important ideas, impressive stories, special offers, or may have relationships with your business or your audience. Are you telling your time yourself to your customers and customers? What are they interested in? How do you experience your life? This is the core of your mail delivery.